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Thereís a very fascinating Catholic doctrine called the Communion of Saints. It states that all the believers who have gone before us are not isolated away in some far corner of Heaven. Instead, they are aware of our activities here on earth and they can intercede on our behalf. Pretty cool, huh?

Now, donít misunderstand, the Communion of Saints is not superstitious folklore, like those scary movies about ghosts and sťances. The Communion of Saints is a genuine doctrine, clearly taught in Scripture.


Itís no fun being sick. Sometimes you feel so lousy, youíre afraid youíre going to die. Other times you feel so lousy, youíre afraid youíre going to LIVE, and continue to suffer.

Having the flu or a stomach bug is awful, but being miserable in your own bed and being within walking distance (sometimes sprinting distance) of your own bathroom is somewhat comforting. The only thing worse than being sick, is being sick away from home.

I was on a business trip a while back, and one of my traveling companions came down with a flu-like illness halfway through the trip. (Continued...)

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