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Throughout the Bible, believers are commanded to pray. Many years ago, when our kids were little, one of my daughters asked, “Why should we pray?”

Caught off guard, I employed a variation of my favorite answer to my children (which is, “Cuz I said so, that’s why!”) by replying, “Cuz Jesus said so, that’s why.”

Trying to make prayer seem more attractive to my young daughter, I added that it’s a wonderful way to ask God for the things we need and want. Unfortunately, after a while I think she got the impression that God is no more than a cosmic Santa Claus: we rattle off our list, and then sit back impatiently waiting for Him to deliver the loot.  (Continued...)

A few weeks ago I went on a business trip to Chicago, and while I was there —

What’s that? I already wrote about my Chicago trip in the last two columns? Yeah, so? You don’t think I’m capable of milking another essay out of that trip? O ye of little faith. Haven’t you figured out yet how this humor column works? I take an insignificant little idea, and then expand that insignificant idea into a rambling 600-word insignificant discussion. Easy peasy. I could write weekly columns for the next six months about my Chicago trip, and it wasn’t even that exciting of a trip. But for your sake this will be the last one — maybe. (Continued...)

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