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My name is Joseph Bar-Jacob. It is now about midnight and my wife Mary and the newborn baby are asleep. I’m exhausted, but I’m still overwhelmed by what has happened, and so I can’t possibly doze right now.

It’s so very quiet. I can hear the livestock breathing softly as they sleep. But it wasn’t so peaceful in this stable a short while ago. Every shepherd from every nearby hill was here. They claimed that a host of angels lit up the sky and announced the birth of this remarkable baby boy. I did not witness that, but I’m not surprised it occurred, since everything about this child is a miracle. (Continued...)

Recently I went to a museum with my wife and daughter. Or to phrase it another way, recently my wife and daughter dragged me kicking and screaming to a museum. No, that’s not quite accurate. I didn’t kick or scream at all, which would’ve been very immature behavior for a person my age. Instead I pouted and whined the whole time—a much more dignified reaction.

Anyway, the museum had a lot of typical museum stuff: interesting abstract paintings (“Is that a tree?” “No, the little sign says it’s a woman”); avant garde marble sculptures (“Is that a woman?” “No, the little sign says it’s a tree”); and modernistic metal artwork (“That HAS to be a woman, right?” “No...  (Continued...)

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