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Have you made your plans for New Yearís yet? Itís coming soon, you know. No, Iím not trying to rush through the rest of the year and skip the holiday season. Iím talking about the new year of the Church calendar, which starts soon, on the first Sunday of Advent. So this weekend coming up is the final Sunday of the liturgical year.

The final Sunday of the year is always the feast of Christ the King. And that only makes sense, because Christ IS the king. Heís not the duke, or the prince, or even the jack of diamonds.


Back in 2005, the co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, spoke at Stanford University. If you donít know, Apple is the company that makes iPhones, iPads, iPods, iTunes, iShoes, iCars, and iNuclear Submarines. The companyís 10-year business plan is to make everything ó I mean absolutely everything ó including the microchips implanted in our heads that will prompt us to buy more Apple products. In his too-short life, Mr. Jobs revolutionized three completely different industries: personal computers, music, and cell phones.

During his speech at Stanford, Jobs told the students:  (Continued...)

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