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The Catechism of the Catholic Church says Purgatory is real, and that it’s an opportunity to get spiritually purified before entering into the eternal joy of God. Everyone who experiences Purgatory ultimately goes to Heaven, but the Church is silent about the exact nature of Purgatory.

Well, not to worry. I’ve got it all figured out. I know exactly what Purgatory is like. The moment after we die, our souls will be whisked away to a comfortable conference room. (Continued...)

There’s a movement in college sports to pay the athletes. Football players at Northwestern University want to form a union, so they can be financially compensated for all their time and effort. A director at the National Labor Relations Board ruled earlier this year that college football players should be considered employees of the university, and therefore, they have the right to form a union.

In response, high-ranking NCAA officials and various college administrators essentially threw a spittle-flecked hissy fit. They trotted out all the usual clichés about the “noble spirit of amateur athletics.”  (Continued...)

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