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There is a movement in the Catholic Church called the New Evangelization. The U.S. Bishops’ website explains it this way: “The focus of the New Evangelization calls all Catholics to be evangelized and then go forth to evangelize (others).”

In response, the average Catholic in the pew might say, “OK, fine, the Gospel should be spread. But the priests and nuns should do it. That’s their job.”

Well, obviously it is one of their many jobs, but spreading the Gospel is not their sole responsibility. (Or you could say, “Their SOUL responsibility.” Get it? Soul? Oh, never mind.) (Continued...)

Have you ever heard of the “marshmallow test”? It’s a way to measure a person’s emotional quotient (EQ). The test is typically given to Kindergarten-age children. The teacher gives each student one marshmallow. Then the teacher explains that she will leave the room for an uncertain period of time, and the kids may eat their marshmallow if they want. But if they wait until the teacher returns, they’ll get a second marshmallow. If they eat their marshmallow before the teacher returns, they won’t get another. Hidden cameras observe how long the students are able to wait.

Not surprisingly, as soon as the teacher finishes distributing the marshmallows and walks out of the room, the youngsters struggle mightily with this battle of will power. (Continued...)

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